Adil Kaan Akan

I am a Master's student at Koc University, where I work on computer vision and machine learning.

At KUIS AI Lab, I am working on stochastic video prediction and video understanding, under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Fatma Guney. I received my bachelors from Department of Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University.

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I'm interested in computer vision, machine learning, with a special interest in video understanding and adversarial machine learning.

JNDJournal Just Noticeable Difference for Machine Perception and Generation of Regularized Adversarial Images with Minimal Perturbation
Adil Kaan Akan, Emre Akbas, Fatos T. Yarman-Vural
Preprint (Under review at IEEE Transactions on Image Processing), 2021

We propose theoretical understanding of JND concept for machine perception and conduct further analyses and comparisons with other state-of-the-art methods.

This paper extends our ICIP 2020 paper.

JND Just Noticeable Difference for Machines to Generate Adversarial Images
Adil Kaan Akan, Mehmet Ali Genc, Fatos T. Yarman-Vural
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, (ICIP) 2020
preprint / bibtex

We propose a new concept for adversarial example generation. Inspired by the experimental psychology, we use the concept of Just Noticeable Difference to generate natural looking adverarial images.

b-ann Modeling and Decoding Complex Problem Solving Process by Artificial Neural Networks
Adil Kaan Akan, Baran Baris Kivilcim, Emre Akbas, Sharlene D. Newman, Fatos T. Yarman-Vural
Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference, (SIU) 2019

We proposed a new method for classifying cognitive states using Artificial Brain Networks. The proposed model generates state-of-the-art results for Tower of London, complex problem solving dataset.


  • COMP100: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Koc University
  • CENG223: Discrete Computational Structures, Middle East Technical University
  • CENG230: C Programming, Middle East Technical University

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